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rome2rio[1] is an international travel search site. The site provides information about options for travel between any two given locations in the world by commercial air flights, rail, bus, driving, or a combination of modes. The website ingests data that is made publicly available at GTFS Data Exchange[2]. It is cost-free for transit agencies to participate.

As of mid-2015, rome2rio was receiving about 8.7 million visits per month.[3]

rome2rio directions showing travel options from downtown San Francisco to Zurich. The directions include ground transit (BART in San Francisco, and local train in Zurich).

A rome2rio iPhone application is available ( The source code of this application is available (open source, under a modified BSD license) so developers can include multi-modal travel search features can be included in other applications (

rome2rio also has private bus operators that do not publish GTFS.

rome2rio provides an API (application programming interface) for accessing multi-modal search results and utilizing those results in other applications(


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