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Fig 1: Sample Mapnificent Travel Time Map showing destinations estimated to be reachable in a given time (default of 30 minutes) by public transport from a starting point in Brisbane, Australia.

Mapnificent ( was developed by Stefan Wehrmayer, and was “inspired by Mapumental”. The application can parse GTFS data to show travel time maps to destinations in multiple cities around the globe, and is currently free to use.

The results are displayed with Google Maps.

The first version’s source code is available, whilst the developer claims later versions will be published soon.

Credit to Appropedia for the initial content.

Mapnificent [1] shows how far it is possible to travel on public transportation from a given location for over 50 cities throughout the world. The application interface provides a slider control to adjust maximum travel time. As the slider is adjusted, the highlighted area on the map showing travel range expands and contracts. Mapnificent also includes a JavaScript API that lets developers integrate a Mapnificent overlay into applications that use the Google Maps API. Mapnificent uses public GTFS from GTFS Data Exchange [33]. Not every agency with a public feed is included, but the developer, Stefan Wehrmeyer, will often add agencies if requested. It is cost-free for transit agencies to participate.


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